About me

Hey there! 👋. I'm Carlos, a Front End Engineer based in Barcelona, that loves to code and build products with a delightful user experience.

Currently working at N26 as a Lead Web Engineer, building the digital bank the world loves to use. Before that I worked at a grocery startup Ulabox, the online supermarket.

I love working in between product, engineering and developer experience. Some things that make me excited are JavaScript, Open Source, CI & CD systems, simplicity, automating things and building meaningful user-centric products.

I was born and raised in Badalona next to the mediterranean sea and come from a background of studying Computer Science.

Outside of work, I'm obsessed with sports, doing open source and travelling with my family.

Wife & I ❣️

Wife & I ❣️

Miami '23 🏖️

Miami '23 🏖️




I've been lucky enough to discover many countries around the world.

These are the ones that I visited.