Hyper a Terminal built on open web standards

Hyper a Terminal built on open web standards

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Hyper is an Open Source Project created by ▲ ZEIT. The goal of the project is to create a beautiful and extensible experience for command-line interface users, built on open web standards.

Hyper is built on top of Electron with JavaScript, HTML and CSS, so it's a hackable terminal!

At the moment, Hyper is only available for MacOS – download here, Windows and Linux builds are coming very soon.

Considering that is something built with web technologies, in my opinion it has a good performance and speed and there's no big difference for me between using iTerm vs HyperTerm.

hyperterm-materialshell carlos cuesta

This is how my HyperTerm looks. I'm using the materialshell version for HyperTerm hyperterm-materialshell

Developing plugins (themes and packages) it's easy, with ALT+CMD+I you can open the Web Inspector to see what's going under the hood and style your terminal with only CSS. Take a look at the configuration object to see the options and properties available for customization.

See an example of an Hyper theme and package. You should take this as a starting point when building one of those two.

To install a plugin, open the configuration file with CMD+, and add the plugin name into your plugins list like this:

plugins: ['hyperterm-materialshell']

Remember! You can contribute to HyperTerm in the GitHub Repository.

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