Hello World

Hello World

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Hi I'm Carlos Cuesta, welcome to my new website and blog!

Let me introduce myself, I am a Front End developer based in Barcelona, Spain. Coding addicted that enjoys building things with code, I like design, tecnhology and I ♥ OpenSource.

With the beginning of this new year, I think it's time to start a new project for me, my own website and blog, of course it's opensource, so you can take a look at the code right there at the github repository.

This whole website it's built on NodeJS with Express, Jade, SASS and Ghost as a blog system and most of the data that is shown at the homepage is fetched from GitHub, Twitter and Ghost APIs, so all the info will be updated every day automatically!

In my blog I'll be talking about a lot of things related to the front end development such as: JavaScript, CSS (and preprocessors), HTML (and templating systems), Web Performance, Tools, Workflows, and much more!

To finish my first post, all I want to say is the first thing that a developer makes when he writes his first lines of code.

console.log('Hello World!');

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