Free and easy HTTPs with Cloudflare

Free and easy HTTPs with Cloudflare

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How to get HTTPs

To get HTTPs for your website, you need a certificate signed by a trusted certificate authority, and you will pay for that process. But with Cloudflare you can get easily and free HTTPs for your site (which currently, is what i'm using for my website and blog).

Let's get started!

First, if you are not registered, create an account in Cloudflare it's easy and free!.

After that you will need to add your site to Cloudflare introducing your URL. Cloudflare will start to scan your website DNS, choose the free plan and point your domain Nameservers to the ones provided by Cloudflare, e.g:

Once the process is complete, at the Overview tab you will see a green bar with your site and Status: Active. Note: This process can take up to 24 hours to complete.

CloudFlare Active

Now, go to the Crypto tab and at the SSL section select Flexible.

Cloudflare Crypto Tab

At this point your HTTPs will be generated and available for your site.

Finally, create a page rule to enforce and redirect your users to use the HTTPs version inside of the Page Rules tab. Add the pattern URL to match your site and enable the option Always use https.

Cloudflare Page Rules

You can check my websites with HTTPs provided by Cloudflare @

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